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*Science without religion is lame: religion without science is blind."

Albert Einstein

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Note: Contributions to this journal need not reflect the views of the Editors or of the Panel



October 2019

To my clergy colleagues

         The Physics of God                                                                                       


Editors: The Rev. Michael Cocks, Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill, with Nate Cull

Advisory Editor:  Michael Tymn

"To prescribe the conclusions is to preclude the research"

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To My Clergy Colleagues

Those who accepted the implications of QM became clear that we have an eternal causal world of spirit, ("In the beginning was the Word" John 1.1) from which all in the physical is derived.  The so-called physical could be said to be "dreamed" by the spiritual.  The universe is a "Great Thought" rather than a "Great Machine". Nobel Prize winning QM physicists write books on synchronicity, mysticism, meditation and general spirituality.

Apparently unaware of the powerful research instrument that QM mathematics presents, Progressive Christians  declare that the physical world is all we have, and is the result of blind chance. Their praiseworthy objectives suggest otherwise.
I believe that  it is urgent for Christians to try to understand the implications of Quantum Mechanics (QM),that part of physics that explores the ultimate nature of things.

Max Planck, who developed this branch of science in 1905, saw that it implied that the universe was no mere mechanical affair, with interactions being governed by chance, but a phenomenon of spirit, mind and consciousness. Mind, not matter was the basis of reality. Many scientists were involved in the developent of QM mathematics, which was found to be absolutely reliable in many branches of investigation. But not all scientists felt able to abandon the old machine universe idea. They had to agree that the mathematics could not be challenged, But they felt that they could not accept the spiritual implications.  In a conference in Copenhagen in 1932, these dissenting scientists called their decision the "Shut up and calculate!" option. Such physicists are still with us.

All ths and more is spelled out in the next item, The Physics of God, which I strongly recommend. I am visually impaired, so I listened to the audio book verson. Caution:  I could not play the CD on normal players.  It only worked on our DVD player.

...Perhaps I need to correct a possible misapprehension about the word Physics as it is used here. God is Spirit, in whom we live and move and have our being. We see God both  in the Causal world, heaven, and in the caused, the material world.  The material world is seen to be dreamlike, when it is altered by miracles, and creative synchronicities occur.

The Physics of God The Physics of God : Unifying Quantum Physics, Consciousness, M-Theory, Heaven, Neuroscience and Transcendence
By (author)  Joseph Selbie , Foreword by  Amit Goswami

Setting aside the pervasive material bias of science and lifting the obscuring fog of religious sectarianism reveals a surprisingly clear unity of science and religion. The explanations of transcendent phenomena given by saints, sages, and near-death experiencers--miracles, immortality, heaven, God, and transcendent awareness--are fully congruent with scientific discoveries in the fields of relativity, quantum physics, medicine, M-theory, neuroscience, and quantum biology.

The Physics of God describes the intersections of science and religion with colorful, easy-to-understand metaphors, making abstruse subjects within both science and religion easily accessible to the layman--no math, no dogma. This intriguing book:

Pulls back the curtain on the light-show illusion we call matter.
Connects string theory's hidden brane worlds to religion's transcendent heavens.
Reveals the scientific secret of life and immortality: quantum biology's startling discovery that the human body is continuously entangled.
Demonstrates the miracle-making power of our minds to effect instantaneous physiological changes.
Explains how the intelligent observer effect confirms our high spiritual potential.

Compelling and concise, The Physics of God will make you believe in the unity of science and religion and eager to experience the personal transcendence that is the promise of both.

My good friend Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill, who for many years designed Telecom New Zealand telephone exchanges and computer systems, has had a number of paranormal experiences which sparked him to explore the science behind his experiences. In 2015 he published a book entitled "The Paranormal is Normal" for which he was awarded the winning 2016 National New Zealand Ashton-Wylie Book Award. Readers comment on the tight reasoning and rigorous scientific methods in making his case.

I urge you to click the picture below where you can find a treasure trove of stimulating articles in his website.

The Parnormal Is Normal

A review from Alastair Bruce Scott-Hill of Michael Cocks' book "Afterlife Teachings from Stephen the Martyr"

Andy Gosler

Oxford Professor of Ethnobiology: “I was converted to Christianity by Richard Dawkins!”

Science alone can't save the planet, according to Oxford ethnobiologist and ordained Anglican minister Andy Gosler.

Conservation requires more connection and understanding amongst people of different beliefs and cultures, he says.
Peter Russell

A 40 minute talk from Peter Russell (of the Institute of Noetic Sciences) on Consciousness, Non-Duality and the Self.

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The Cloud of Unknowing and Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious

Posted on 30 August 2019, 15:33

The Bible story

Perhaps you remember the story from the Gospel of Matthew, where Jesus takes Peter, James and John up a high mountain. At the peak they see him transfigured as he truly is spiritually, shining white. With him were Moses and Elijah.  Then a “bright cloud covered…



Posted on 14 May 2019, 12:01

This anonymous work of Mysticism was written in the 1300s continues to inspire many until the present day.  A South Korean video introduces it well:


You have to read this book with your heart.

Being smart or well educated…


Articles by Michael  Tymnchael Tymn

Michael specialises in writing case histories, past and present, of interactions with the world of spirit. Michael has a wide and enthusiastic following.

Biography at White Crow Books
Blog at White Crow Books

Eiffel tower

How the Eiffel Tower is Like the Spirit World

Posted on 16 September 2019, 9:48

"Why can't a medium find out what happened to Flight 370?"

That was the question asked not long ago by a reader of one of my books. He was referring to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared somewhere over the Indian Ocean on March 8, 2014 with 227 passengers and 12 crew members presumed…

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Explaining the Death of a Parent to a Child

Posted on 02 September 2019, 8:56

When my friend Dave was asked by his nine-year-old granddaughter what happens to us when we die, he struggled and stumbled in his response, realizing that it required an answer that went beyond the trite, "we go to heaven and live with the angels."

Fortunately, Dave's daughter came to his rescue…

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Choosing Truth over Fact and Holey Jeans

Posted on 19 August 2019, 8:33

When, during a recent presidential campaign speech, former American vice-president Joe Biden said that he chooses "truth over facts," it was assumed that he blundered and meant to say that he chooses "fact over fiction." I’m not so sure it was a gaffe.

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  Horses that defied science

The Horses that Defied Science

Posted on 05 August 2019, 8:08

There have been many stories of very intelligent and otherwise gifted animals over the years, but I've not heard of any more mind-boggling than that of the Elberfeld horses (below) of Germany (then Central Prussia). As the well-documented story goes, these horses could figure out square roots, cube…

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the Carnyx.
the Celtic war trumpet
" if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?" 1 Cor, 14,8
On one occasion, in the kind of Greek spoken by Celts in Thrace  and in Galatia, the Martyr Stephen called himself a Celtic War Trumpet, i.e. a Celt.

He said he was born across the river from  Ancyra (modern Ankara) in a small village called Seletar. He said that the name meant the Fourth Landing Place. (That is a possible translation.)

His words make good sense, if we accept his statement, that they were spoken to Joseph the parent of Jesus who  was a leader of a camp of the Nazarene sect of Essenes in Galilee. 

It looks as if Stephen had completed two years as a novice, and was about to be admitted as a full member through participation in the Messianic Communion service.
The former Bishop of Christchurch N.Z., the Rt. Rev. Dr David Coles writes:

"Michael is a retired priest in this diocese and has for many years explored alternative religious experiences.

The book is certainly not mainstream but for those who wish to explore "other- dimensional" spiritual experience through the eyes of an Anglican priest focusing on the Communion of Saints, it will be of considerable interest.
The Rt Rev. Edward Holland, formerly Asst Bishop of Europe, and then Bishop of Colchester writes:

"– I have been very affected by it.   What comes to mind immediately is:  

1. the sense of life after death being very close, very normal and not very intimidating;

 2. Stephen’s experience of being at first after his death very tied up with his identity as Stephen but later leaving that behind and only picking it up again in order to communicate with Thomas and the others;  

3. the way in which individuality becomes much less important but that nevertheless the ‘ego’ is not something to be avoided but something which contributes to this experience of being part of the whole."

 . . . . .

"It has to be said that most people do not really believe in God at a rational level, though probably most do at an emotional level.   This is why almost everyone fumbles over the resurrection of Jesus.   For most it's an impossible

 What Stephen confirms for me is that it is an entirely natural event, which if only they believed should surprise no one.   As Metropolitan Anthony Bloom, the great Russian Orthodox leader in this country who died a year or so ago said -  I paraphrase him:

 'How strange to believe that life can die and not believe that life can live!' "

Prof. Emerit. Mary Carman Rose:

“A wondrous book!  St Stephen is a fine spiritual director. I am grateful for the gaining of new insights into some centrally important Christian beliefs. My own gift of faith in eternal life has been given wonderful support in this volume.”
[She was Catholic, formerly professor of philosophy at Goucher College, Towson Md., and taught in a seminary for priests. She was  former editor of The Journal of the Academy of Religion and Psychic Research]