Clarity about difficult issues from a gentle and wise being
This is a truly extraordinary book. I think it gives the clearest explanations I have seen anywhere of the knotty problem of free will vs. predestination. It also makes greater sense of the meaning of Jesus' death and its aftermath than most anything else I have seen. Stephen's perspective is that of a multidimensional entity with long and broad experience, but also someone who was present at the very earliest beginnings of Christianity, before the layers of myth and dogma had a chance to accumulate and obscure its essence.

The entity who presents himself as Stephen has a wonderfully charming, gentle combination of wisdom and humility. I feel ennobled by spending time with his words. The only problem is that I can only read a little of this book at a time. It is so packed with profound ideas to consider that I have to put it down and go off to let it sink in for a while. Sometimes the language is a bit dense, but it is also beautiful and lyrical