Unusually different from other metaphysical books
I've read a lot of books that were channeled, and a lot of books on reincarnation, karma, etc. This one is refreshingly different, with lots of new insights. No matter what I read, there are usually questions left when I'm done. The information in this book answers many of those questions.

Some parts of the book, were kind of ho-hum, and I would think ok, the good parts are over now. Then it would get fascinating again and I would have a hard time tearing myself away. It was back and forth like that throughout the book. I think that's due to the questions that were being asked during the dialog. Some of the questions I guess were just questions that weren't important to me. But boy, when a question came up that sparked my interest I was glued to the pages. Some of the book seemed very basic, and some seemed more advanced. All in all, a great mix. It doesn't tax the brain for too long at a time that way, haha!

This is a pretty obscure book that I found by chance, but I'm glad I did. This is definitely one I will re-read again at some point