What would you do if you were a Christian minster with a Master's in theology from Oxford and you had the chance to speak face to face with one of the early Christian saints through a deep trance medium?

Fortunately for us Rev Michael Cocks had a deep and long standing
interest in psychic research and was open minded enough to listen to
the spirit who claimed to be St Stephen the first Christian martyr. He
found the medium to be of impeccable character with no knowledge of
early Christian history and certainly no knowledge of ancient Greek.
So when research revealed that the Greek spoken by the spirit was a
version of Attic Greek of 2,000 years ago as spoken in Trace where St
Stephen' s parents had lived his interest was intensified.

The book outlines the detective work used by Rev Cocks to convince
himself and then gain the support of linguists, scientists,
theologians and philosophers that the spirit communicating was who he
claimed to be.

But even more important are the spiritual teachings that came through
the medium over the next eight years on 200 different occasions,
teachings about the true purpose of life, about the mission of
Christ, about the true nature of his resurrection, and about how
after our death we continue to evolve and gradually give up our
separateness. Stephen emerges as very balanced loving and
non-judgemental presence with a similar energy to the speaker in The
Course in Miracles and Conversations with God.

These teachings will be of great interest to anyone with a background
in theology or philosophy and to anyone who is trying to understand
the enigma of reincarnation. They would be most helpful to the
educated Christian who is trying to rediscover the core teachings of
Christianity and reconcile them with science and psychic research.

As with his regular e-journal, The Ground of Faith: Michael has taken a bold step toward presenting the core message of Christianity in a powerful and
compelling way.